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For over 20 years, private investors, banks and stock market professionals have coveted the comprehensive information service that we provide in order to perform trades and run back office applications or their own Web portals.

ARIVA is the interface to the global stock markets

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Real-time Xetra or Frankfurt Stock Exchange market data

The CEF data feed of the German stock exchange provides banks, traders, fund managers, data providers, private investors and other market participants around the world directly with price data and index and order book data. This information can also be sourced directly through ARIVA.
The data provided includes our Eurex, Xetra trading centres and stock exchange Frankfurt certificates, as well as other markets. The speed, depth and content of the data feeds vary to serve the requirements of different target groups.
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The most traded US equities on Nasdaq and over-the-counter securities from OTC Bulletin Board

Nasdaq is the biggest American marketplace for over 12.000 equities and ETFs. You can benefit from the data packages including Nasdaq 100, Nasdaq Composite, Nasdaq Biotechnology and 30.000 further indices – classified by region, asset class and other topics. ARIVA delivers bid/ask, last price, end-of-day summary and volume information for US stocks, funds and other asset classes.

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EoD Historical data

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  • DAX
  • Nasdaq 100
  • Hang Seng
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Euro Stoxx 50
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  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Brent crude oil
  • WTI crude oil
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FX rates

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  • Bitcoin-Future
  • Ethereum- Future
  • T-Note Future
  • DAX-Future
  • Euro-Bund Future
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These and many other prices can be purchased directly by ARIVA.
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Quality service

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Client Ariva Depot laptop
Finance Portal

The new portfolio feature of ARIVA.DE

All information on your portfolio at a glance – the portfolio feature has been updated and is now even clearer. Get an overview of all of your investments, the latest news, your watchlists and last-performed searches.

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Client SIX Group AG laptop
Regulatory solutions

SIX Group AG

SIX betreibt die Infrastruktur für die Finanzplätze in der Schweiz und in Spanien. Sie erbringt Dienstleistungen für einen breiten internationalen Kundenkreis rund um Wertpapiergeschäft, die

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Kunde Vontobel Prodo
Web services & analysis tools


Native Krypto-Produkt-Integrationen Vontobel ist ein Vorreiter bei den sogenannten Krypto-Derivaten bzw. – Zertifikaten und ist daran interessiert, seine Produkte mit minimalem Streuverlust interessierten Anlegern vorzustellen.  Im Sommer 2021

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