Client Finanzen100 laptop

Finanzen100 is a brand of FOCUS Online Group GmbH and provides specialists with relevant, personalised stock market news and great services on its finance portal and on its Android and iOS apps for its now 3.8m users.


The challenge

Even large finance portals continuously face the challenge of finding quick technical solutions for the attractive market of product integration, meaning the sector and content-specific promotional integration of investment products.

Websites  generate  a substantial proportion of their marketing revenue from the integration of sector and content-specific advertising. This generally requires costly in-house programming.


The solution with ARIVA

With the software as a service (SaaS) developed by ARIVA under the name of prodo, Finanzen100 has been able to offer attractive content in this special market segment of native advertising since the start of 2021 – without having to shoulder the work and costs that would otherwise have been necessary for its development.


Project result and customer benefit

ARIVA’s prodo Web service has given Finanzen100 the opportunity to gain new advertising customers in no time, generate substantial sales and tap into additional revenue potential for the years to come.

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