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SIX operates the infrastructure for financial centres in Switzerland and Spain. It provides services for a broad international client base concerning the securities business, the preparation of financial information and banking services.


The challenge

With the PRIIP regulation that came into force in 2018, a new market was established for regulatory documents which SIX wanted to get into in cooperation with ARIVA. The variety of issuers of financial products faced the challenge of supplying their documents required under regulations through as standardised a channel as possible to the enquiring distributors.


The solution with ARIVA

In cooperation with ARIVA, DocHub was introduced as a fully automated platform, which connects issuers of financial products with distributors. It makes sure that key information documents (KIDs) and other regulatory documents are up to date, correct and available digitally in e-banking and in the core banking systems of the financial institutions.


Project result and customer benefit

DocHub is one of the most comprehensive document platforms on the finance market. It covers 6.5 million financial instruments with more than 30 million documents from over 950 issuers.

Through DocHub, more than 100 Swiss banks that use the Finnova banking software can now access these documents. They need them to comply with the Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG); Switzerland’s equivalent of the EU’s PRIIP and MiFID II investor protection legislation. Banks with access to DocHub therefore have the advantage that they can fulfil the requirements of current and future regulations governing investor protection with a single platform.

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